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Braj Salila :-

The Vri publish a quarterly magazine to promote and highlight cultural aspects of India and specially Braj. The activities of VRI are published in this magazine as well as a detailed report of cultural functions held in this Institute and also in the area.To order the "Braj Salila" you can mail us.

Chandrakala edt. by Dr. N. C. Bansal

This Prabandh Kavya is composed by Prem Chandra of Nagpur (Maharastra). It is in Braj Bhasha following the style of great poet Tulsidas. This composition is quite rare in the sense that it touches the sense of beauty as well as Bhakti. There is a very rare combination of folk and elegant literature. A very detailed introduction and appendices are useful to the scholars. Date of compostion 1807 A.D..

Sarsi edt. by Dr. (Mrs.) Kamlesh Pareek

It is a Sanskrit Composition on Naika Bhed. The manuscript was procured from Parvanikar collection of Jaipur. The editor has translated the original text in a lucid style.

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