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How to be associated with VRI :-


‘The Society’ will consist of the following catagories of members :
Founder Members
Signatories of the Memorandum of Association of ‘the Society’ shall be the Founder members.
Patrons Any person nominated by the Governing Council or any person who donates a sum of not less than Rs.21,000/-( Rupees Twenty one thousand) or property of an equivalent value and is approved by the Governing Council shall be the patron of the Society.
Life Members
All the existing Life Members and all the existing members of the Board of Trustees of the Institute and any other person who donates a sum not less than Rs.11,000/- (Rupees Eleven thousand only) or property of an equivalent value shall be the Life Members of the Society.
Institutional Members
Any academic or cultural Institution in India which pays a sum of Rs.5100/- (Rupees Five thousand one hundred only) or a similar foreign Institution which pays US Dollars Two Hundreds shall be the Institutional Member of the Society.
Other Members All persons serving as members or office bearers of the Governing Council shall be the Members of the Society, during their continuance as such members or office bearers.
Please print the application form and send with your demand draft/ Money order to following address :
Chief Editor
Vrindavan Research Institute
Raman Reti
Note:Demand Draft should be in favour of The Secretary, Vrindavan Research Institute

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